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KAMI is a Swedish roofing manufacturer founded in 1976, since then KAMI roofing has been producing world class sheet metal roofing. Kami is an internationally recognized brand. To be able to deliver durable roofing for any kind of environment there is a need for high standard solutions. «Kami»(Swedish) is known worldwide for the special manufacturing technology which makes the products beautiful, reliable and durable. «Kami» today is a company of a global scale with a large number of dealers in Northern Europe and worldwide. The quartz sand coating significantly increases the life of tiles due to additional protection against corrosion and sun burnout. Since 1996 all products of «Kami» meet the requirements and correspond to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2000. The advantages of composite «Kami» shingles are: . Various sizes of sheets allow you to pick the most economical option for your roof and minimize the waste. . The quartz sand coating minimizes the noise of rain drops, moreover, in case of right thermo-isolation the noise level will be zero. . The tiles are difficult to damage or destroy due to its’ robust structure. . Big color scheme will be suitable for any kind of building.